Now IS the Time to List!

Well, here it is- January 2018. Christmas and New Years have come and gone; decorations have been taken down and safely stowed out of the way and not a minute too soon! Time to make your 2018 plans.
Have you given any thought over the past couple of years about selling your home and either going for that dream home that you have been working for all these years? Or would you like to let go of all the unused space in the “empty nest” and moving into something a little smaller and easier to take care of? Or do you just have a wandering heart – looking for something just a little different? If any of these thoughts are going through your mind- now is the time to get it together and put into action what your mind and heart have been telling you.
Don’t wait until spring; don’t wait until you get everything “perfect” in your house. Because, frankly, everything will never be perfect! But right now- the timing is perfect to achieve optimal results from the sale of your home!
Why now? The inventory of homes for sale in the local area is at an all-time low. New construction is clipping up- but not yet at the levels from years past when there were dozens of new homes waiting to be bought and hundreds of building lots waiting for builders to start the next one. The average days on market (DOM) is below 100 for the first time since I’ve been keeping watch- 25 years!
At the same time- I can say that in my conversations with REALTORS®, I am hearing that buyers are out there in abundance- looking for homes. It’s as simple as that- supply and demand! Buyers plus low inventory equals high returns on sale of homes. How long can this last? It’s hard to say- but smart money will probably try to fill the gap with a return to more development and new construction in the next year.
One last thing- interest rates are starting to move up at a slow pace, but there is no guarantee that the market will remain so favorable for both buyers and sellers at the same time. All we can count on in an unpredictable market is today… and today- if you have a home you’d like to sell- is THE DAY!!!
I trust and believe in the old proverb; “Strike while the iron is hot”! You should too! Call your REALTOR® today and get a market analysis to determine your price; create a marketing plan for you and begin to work for you in an organized and detailed way that only the real professionals can do!pexels-photo-280204.jpeg