Football, Real Estate and Business in general- it’s 4th Quarter- Let’s go!!



FourthQuartereditHere we are- it’s the 4th quarter, are you going to fold, or finish strong?  It’s one of those checkpoints when we take stock and decide how the last quarter of the game is going to go. In business, as in sports, it takes a strong effort all four quarters to get the job done and leave the game knowing you gave it all you have.

Are you a touchdown or two behind?  Do you need to up your goals for the next three months in order to meet your mark for the year?  Time to take stock about where you are and what you need to do to reach your goal for the year.  Break it down into # of sales per month to meet your benchmark.  Go back and make a list of any unfinished business that you can pull together.  Set a daily task list including # of calls, sphere of influence visits, social media posts, networking opportunities.  Set goals in each of these areas and hold yourself accountable to complete these tasks EVERYDAY.  Meet every contact armed with at least three reasons why now is the best time to list or sell.  Study your market- know your market and be ready to answer any concern.  Push yourself completely out of your comfort zone and go for the score every time you step onto the field of play!!

Are you ahead of your plan and thinking that you might want to coast through the last quarter?  Listen to me- with a market as unpredictable as our market has been in the last few years, you’ve gotta  “make hay while the sun shines”.  Don’t do anything that doesn’t live up to your normal standard of work.  Keeping the pace all the way until the end of the year is an exercise in discipline and financial ambition.  Do some things that will set you up for a great start for 2016.  Challenge yourself to set a whole new standard for yourself.  Set a new record for yourself!  Let your competitive self  show-off a little.  Then start to look at you next years’ game plan and ask yourself if maybe you have set the bar too low.  Play all four quarters with all you’ve got and see what you’re capable of!

Ahead or behind- I always believe that the best work is sometimes in the last quarter of any game.  Refocus; up the intensity;  and finish the year strong!!