Before You Turn Out the Lights…

Peg Smith's Real Life in Bardstown

It’s time to wrap up another day, and you’re already looking forward to your “after work” routine to kick in!  Before you leave, do at least 3 more things!  Allow a maximum of 5 minutes for each thing.  Think of this as your last chance to end the day on a productive note or to get a head start on tomorrow’s agenda!

  1. Call one of your more high maintenance clients to give an update or report, just to let them know that you are on top of things!  If you can’t reach them, then leave a detailed message and invite them to follow up with you tomorrow.  If you sound confident and composed, your client will feel that you are taking care of business for them and their trust in you will be strengthened. 
  2. Compose and sendout an email to your prospect list that is designed to generate leads or referrals.  It may…

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